22-24 September 2023

Workshop, Clown Parade,Open Stage, Cabaret and Speech

We are a team that believes that the more we are involved/present in the world, the better.

That's why we decided to start organizing this Clown Festival in Berlin even without financial support.

The idea is to be a festival for those who are clowns and want to show their art, in the theater and on the street. And who is interested in getting to know this art better

and make our clown society stronger.

A festival made by Clowns for clowns and those interested in this art and laughter.

We will have clown workshops, Cabaret, Parade, OpenStage, Speech and lots of fun, for adults and children.

Location: TheaterSpielRaum e.V. -Mariannenplatz 2B, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg


And if you want to support this cause with a donation, you are welcome!

A festival to learn, experience and laugh.



Friday 22.09

Saturday 23.09

Sunday 24.09


Workshop 1 -

Sybille Ugé (Clowns in Hospitals) 11h -14h

Workshop 2 -

Ligia Liberatori. Clowns and Music. 11h – 13h


13:00 - 15:00


Games -

Bye Bye




Maria Eugênia & Magarita




Open doors

Open doors


Welcome - Games


Moderation: Christine Scherzer


Joanna Bassi 



Maria Eugênia & Magarita




This is a Festival without any support, help us to make this possible.

Our Bank Revolut

IBAN: LT603250035379338706



23.09.2023, 20h

We have the pleasure to count with Joanna Bassi, who will share with us a speech about Clowns.

Saturday 23. 09.2023 before the Open Stage

Sign up required.

Joanna Bassi born into a traditional circus family , Joanna Bassi learnt violin , juggling , dance , acrobatics, and acting to finally become a clown . Whether on or beneath stage , in the wings or behind the scenes , she has been Involved in performing arts since childhood . In the last two decades Joanna has directed countless Street shows and Contemporary circus internationally .

Joanna is based in Berlin and still performs as a clown …


22.09.2023 - 20h (Doors 19h)

Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!


Welcome to the first edition of the Clown Festival Berlin.


With a Cabaret, surprises and a welcome party.

A cabaret night with various numbers of clown guests:

  • Joanna Bassi 
  • Luciana Arcuri & Ligia Liberatori
  • Daniel Megnet
  • Marion Pletz
  • David Cassel

  • Willy the Clown
  • Gilad Shabtab

Moderation:  Christine Scherzer

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Saturday - 23.09

Workshop 1 -Sybille Ugé (Clowns in Hospitals) 11h -14h

Workshop 2 – Ligia Liberatori. Clowns and Music. 11h – 13h

Sign up required.

Workshop 1 - Sybille Ugé (Clowns in Hospitals)

This workshop is targeted at clown who want to get acquainted with the work of hospital clowns. In case studies we will show typical aspects of this job. We will analyze specific types of humor depending on different age classes. Each of you will have the opportunity to try and perform his own way to play. We will give a common feed-back.

Sybille Ugé works as a dancer, clown, choreograph and as a trainer. She used to tour though Europe, Africa and Asia with several companies. Sind 2004 she play for Red Noses Germany.

Workshop 2 – Ligia Liberatori. Clowns and Music. 11h – 13h

How does your clown or clowness makes music? Al a natural language of human beings, music and dance are also natural lenguages of clowns and clowness.

So, let’s make music with everything!!!

And by the way, prepare yourself for the parade.

Please bring your instruments and the Props, you want to make sound with.

PARADE - Called for Clowns


15h30 Meeting in Costume

star 16h -17h

Let`s show Berlin and the world, that we are here, and that we have a lot to offer to the city in this complicated times. Let’ have joy together, and make music, dance and spread our work.

Please bring your instrument or your “sound prop” or “sound object” and be part of this legendary parade!!!

Meeting point:

At the Anfitheater (TheaterSpielRaum e.V., Mariannenplatz 2B, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg) at 15.30 in costume and with instruments.

Duration -1 hour of clown, music.

If you participate in the Parade you agree to be filmed and photographed.


We are going to play, sing and dance these songs:
(Tutorials for Guitar and Ukelele)

- Little Fischies (Guitar) 

-Rock and Roll (Guitar)

- Turn arround (Guitar)
- Dum Dum Dum Dum (Guitar)

- Little Fishies (Ukelele)

- Rock and Roll (Ukelele)

- Turn around (Ukelele)

- Dum Dum Dum Dum (Ukelele)

video of Clown's Parade in 2022


23.09.2023 - 20h (Doors 19h)

Show your new piece or a part of it in front of an interested audience on the open stage as part of the Clown Festival Berlin 2023.


  • Lena Natus
  • Giampaolo Fancello

  • Mario Monteiro

  • Christine Scherzer
  • Matti A. Mancini
  • Catherine Rozan
  • Myra Eetgerink

Moderation: Luciana Arcuri and Ligia Liberatori



Every day spontaneous

The Clownscafes are spontaneous, selbst organized meetings between participants. If you have a topic that you would like to talk or exchange with others you can write your topic, name, time and meeting point at a special board and go for it! Some of the topics could be “Clowns and ecology”, “Clowns and money”, “Clowns and gender ”, “Clowns and …”, “Clowns…”.


24.09.2023 - 11h


Our last journey it dedicated to us: let’s meet at a brunch for exchange all together, talk, play, and say goodbye until next time.

Bring something to share with the others for the brunch!


Luciana Arcuri was born in Brazil, has lived in Berlin since 2016 and works as a clown for Red Noses Germany - Red Noses International. In recent years she has given workshops in clown and physical theater for beginners and professionals. Luciana has already performed in different countries in Europe, Brazil Venzuela, Greece, Bosnia and China.Since 2020 she is part of the Duo “Maria Eugênia & Margarita”, together with Ligia Liberatori.

Ligia Liberatori is singer, performer, composer and clowness. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, lives currently in Berlin. She worked as a clowness by KiKK Köln (now Kölner Klinikclowns e.V.), Clowns ohne Grenze and since 2016 is a clowness by Rote Nasen Deutschland. She made shows and concerts all around Europe and South America. 

Since 2020 she is part of the Duo “Maria Eugênia & Margarita”, together with Luciana Arcuri.

Daniel Megnet: Seit über 35 Jahren trete ich als lustiger Mann und später als Clown auf. In meinen ersten Jahren waren die Auftritte sehr von Komik, Akrobatik und Artistik geprägt. Später kamen Comedy, Tanz und alles andere, was auf der Bühne Spaß macht, hinzu. Neben vielen Workshops war ich auch 1 Jahr auf der Dell'Arte - int. School of physical theater - in Nord Kalifornien. Ich bin ein großer Freund von Duo und Trio spiel und genieße es, mit anderen gemeinsam zu spielen.

Vio Garcia Claramunt was born in Palma de Mallorca with a taste for entertaining. She enjoys using her skills as a performer to entertain various audiences. Over the years she has worked hard to develop her own unique artistic voice, style which excel through her performances. Founder and co-founder of several stage performances and productions in Spain, Italy, Germany and Poland. Currently working as stage clown with her own productions, klinikclown in Berlin, circus pedagogue wherever is needed, musician and producer of amazing events.






"For me, the clown is a virus that entered me and never came out. He helps me remember to laugh in difficult moments, helps me look at life lighter. And when I'm on stage it fills my heart, especially when the audience laughs, gets emotional, leaving me alive."

"To be a clowness is to open a gateway to a better, more balanced world, where humour leads the path. To be a clowness, to be the subject of humour and to be able to put oneself in the position of vulnerability in a world where vulnerability is not welcome is a healthy act of rebellion."

Ein Clownslehrersagte: Clown is you being free of inhibition. Das mag ich sehr - vor allem, wenn es mir gelingt ;-)

"Being a clown is an utopian philosophy of life through which the world is always seen from the side of innocence and curiosity. The clown opens up a world where everything is new and interesting and all people are good."


Miro Wallner, Carolina Boettner, Marina Sarno, Sabina Bożena, Peti Costa, Agustina Palermo, Lena Natus, Nina Pellegrino,

Olivia Patzer, Steffi, Helmut Krähe, Abril Matschke, Malen Zapata, Steffanie, Sybille Ugé, Joanna Bassi and all the great artist who participate at the Cabaret and the open stage.


Information and registration



Workshops - Cabaret - Open Stage

Solidarity Combo 

 1 WS + Parade + Cabaret + Speech + Clownbrunch = 85,00


Price per separate event

Cabaret = 10,00  to 15,00

Open Stage = 10,00 € to 15,00 €

1 WS  (3 hours) = 60,00 

ClownBrunch: 8,00  to 12,00

If you make a bank transfer, please make a screenshot to show us at the entrance.

Our Bank -Revolut

IBAN: LT603250035379338706


Please write in the deposit, clown festival and the specific theme


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